YouTube Baldon IMPOSTER Nathan Johnson Starts New Show

Nathan Johnson from Boldon is set to be investigated by South Shields Football Club for personating as their media manager.

An investigation is set to take place into a 20-year-old football supporter who took to social media to claim that he was working for South Shields Football Club as the media manager for over six months.

Johnson from Boldon, despite only turning 20 on the 20th of December, claimed live onYouTube football shows that at the start of the season, he held the position and broadcast how he was holding meetings with the Club Chairman – Even over the managers future.

Nathan Johnson At Recent Family Wedding

Other wild claims consisted of running the clubs Twitter feeds and other social media accounts, being the club commentator for audio broadcasts and being promoted to the fans liaison officer.

Johnson claimed that he was the fans point of call for any issues and that the club’s supporters were ‘driving him nuts with their fickle complaints.

Although the reality was that all the time, apart from going to watch matches as a supporter, he was sat in his bedroom broadcasting fables and lies.

YouTube viewers became suspicious when Johnson started taking money for raffle tickets from viewers.

The ‘Walter Mitty’ character sold tickets for a raffle that he said was on behalf of the club for a cancer charity; the prize offered was a signed football shirt by the players of South Shields FC.

Whilst hundreds of viewers allegedly purchased tickets via eBay transactions, it transpired there was no raffle; instead, the funds were spent on a copious amount of alcohol as well as heavy laid bets on football matches via gambling sites.

South Shields FC became aware of the imposter after public members started to contact the club, asking for the media manager Nathan Johnson trying to inquire about the ‘ghost’ raffle and the prize whereabouts.

Now the club is to hold a full investigation into the imposter, possibly being banned from all future matches.

Speaking to Global247news this afternoon, the media manager said: We are aware of the situation and whilst we investigate the latest information supplied are not prepared to add a further comment; the problem is above my position but is going for a full investigation into this imposter.”

Furthermore, on viewing the various shows, the imposter has appeared on – it’s clearly visible that the imposter has no remorse and has been spending the festive season constantly heavily drinking whilst streaming on YouTube with his counterparts.