Spain's President Of Valencia Warns Extra Restrictions Possible

VALENCIA region president, Ximo Puig, has warned that COVID hospital rates will determine whether additional restrictions are brought in over the Christmas period.

 It looks like further restrictions on the way on Spain’s Costa Blanca that could determine some severe damage to the hospitality industry.

The latest figures from last Friday showed 563 hospital admissions in the Valencian Community- half the total of a year ago when vaccines were not around and a vastly different picture compared to nearly 5,000 entries in late January.

The region introduced COVID passport measures on December 4 to access some indoor hospitality and nightlife and hospital and care home visits to patients and residents.

Ximo Puig said: “We have to be cautious, and if hospitalisations increase, measures will have to be taken, but at the moment, we are not planning any.”

Puig appealed for mask-wearing and good ventilation for Christmas parties and family gatherings.
Although residents across Spain’s Costa Blanca feel it’s totally uncalled for.
Sarah Cox, who runs several restaurants across Spain’s Coast, says, “I can see the government being overzealous once again with restrictions, I wouldn’t be surprised on a total lockdown on hospitality establishments.
“If that happens, it will be a once again total overreaction; I’m fed up with all this; we should be allowed to get on with our lives now.”
The news comes after UK holiday companies have already reported a mass of travel cancellations to Spain this Christmas.