Spain's Cops On Rampage On The Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca Cashing In On Covid Passes

Cops on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are on the rampage as they ‘cash in’ on Covid passport rules.

The Spanish police force appears to be on the rampage raiding bars and restaurants and taking full advantage of the €600 fine for entering an establishment without one.

A total of 1,784 people were identified, and 404 sanctions were imposed, along with an additional 49 fines for failing to provide a Covid certificate in the region of Valencia alone in the last few days.

Many of those fined have been unexpecting tourists unaware of the latest fines in Spain.

Across the holiday resorts areas of both the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca, the National Police continue to raid bars and restaurants regularly, issuing the €600 individual fines.

One bar owner on the Costa Blanca who didn’t wish to be identified, fearing reprisals from the police, tells how is the bar is inspected five times a day. Sometimes more, he said: ” The police know I get a lot of British tourists and target me at least five times a day, I’m next to a Spanish bar, they get inspected far less, It’s my belief the cops are targeting unsuspecting tourists especially.

“It’s not on, but there’s nothing we can do about it – I warn as much as possible every person who takes a table.

“The cops are taking advantage of the massive fine; anyone coming here to Spain needs to be warned,” finished the bar owner.

According to a local police officer in Spain’s Benidorm, when questioned about the raids, he said: “We are following up the law and will continue to do so.”

Joanne Whearity took to Social Media to announce: “Never seen so many police in our urb since the money-making scheme was rolled out.”

Whilst businessman Kodi Mcqueen commented to a thread of ‘cashing in’ complaints, ‘Whilst we all lose money.’

It’s defiantly not a good situation for business owners, as  Mark Kelly explained, saying, “It’s scaring off the customers for sure, it’s costing us a small fortune as we try and recover from the pandemic, these latest actions are way over the top.