Spain's Police To Turn Up The Heat On Holidaymaker ID Across Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca

Police in Spain is set to turn up the heat on requesting ID from Christmas holidaymakers.

Christmas holidaymakers are being warned to carry the correct ID with them this Christmas as Spanish Police are set to set up a spurge on inspections.

It’s law in Spain to carry ID at all times, although in normal circumstances, inspections are rare unless exceptional circumstances.

Although due to COVID regulations, the Police are going to ramp up inspections.

Holidaymakers should carry their passports at all times to avoid fines.

By law, you should always carry ID on you in Spain; you may be required when providing covid status to present a form of ID, a passport, driving license, T.I.E is all acceptable forms of ID.
Many bars and restaurants on Spain’s Costa del Sol And Costa Blanca also display signs advising they require COVID passports.
Dean Williams, a regular visitor to Spain, contacted Global247news to warn of the latest events and warn holidaymakers.
Dean, speaking from Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, said: ” I hope you can get the word out to holidaymakers, as many will know, Spain’s police since the pandemic has looked for every opportunity to fine both locals and holidaymakers, for instance, mandatory mask-wearing became a ‘cash cow.’
“Now, it’s passports or ID cards, many holidaymakers have been fined, and according to the police, they plan to step up checks; further, holidaymakers should carry their passports at all times, whilst out on the streets of Spain.
“The fines have ranged from 100 to 200 euro per person.” Dean finished.