Yeovil Town Football Fan Forum BANS Media After Take Over Reports

Mark Kelly, who operates a forum for Yeovil Town Supporters, has banned Global247news articles despite requesting regular update requests.

In peculiar circumstances, Yeovil Town football fan and Trust member Mark Kelly has banned articles from journalists of Global247news who are following the club’s takeover.

The admin notice on his forum was published today, citing:

As many of you would have seen, a few postings have been made on The Green Army by a news site ‘Global247news’.
As we can not authenticate the claims made in these news articles, we feel that at a time when negotiations are ongoing for a takeover of Yeovil Town FC that it is in all our best interest to delete any future and past postings and links to and from global247news.
We will only accept news with regards the takeover from official and reputable media sources.

The ban came into effect after Global247news yesterday reported the latest events regarding the Yeovil Football Club current takeover.

In the article, Wales & West Journalist William Reynolds reported how the Yeovil Town Supporters Trust Chair, Brendon Owen, contacted potential new owner Julian Jenkins after reading his interest in buying a football club ironically in Global247news. 

Despite placing together The Supporters Trust and Julian Jenkins, Global247news was astounded this morning to hear about the ban from supporters of the club.

Furthermore, the forum owner Mark Kelly it has been revealed has been messaging a board director of Global247news requesting information on the said takeover regularly.

“I’m astonished”, expressed Global CEO Ian Platt from his Spanish offices this morning on the Costa Blanca.

He further added: ” Our title was the reason Mr Owen of the Yeovil Supporters Trust contacted Julian Jenkins after we published his interest in a football club purchase – possibly leading to a much-wanted by supporters takeover this Friday.

“Furthermore, Mr Kelly has been requesting regular updates from a member of our board by way of ‘Instant Messenger’.

” Now the potential takeover is nearing fruition, he decides to ban our publications from his small forum.

“Its trivial, in reality, as an investigative brand across Europe, we will always find readers who don’t like truth and reality, I would normally just ignore such behaviour, although in this instance, with the worded statement of potential libellous comment citing our brand as unreputable in the sentence ‘We will only accept news with regards the takeover from official and reputable media sources.’  I have no option to send it for review, as well as comments made by the members on the page discrediting our brand.

” Not only have we followed the takeover events, as well as playing a part in the parties combining, at one stage one member of our organisation arranged a large discount for their large flag they fly after fan funding. It saved them a small fortune.

“I wonder what they call reputable? – The Western Gazette or Somerset Live?  – It’s ironic Trinity Newspapers the owners of said titles, have covered our articles previously on various topics.” he finished.

Forum owner, of  ‘ The Green Army ( YTFC Supporters Page), Mark Kelly, when contacted today only had to say ” Enough I’m busy at work”.

The forum has 3.2k members according to Facebook with many members hiding behind false names such as ‘Clyde Best’ named after the West Ham United defender, noticeably one of the largest opinionators whilst residing in Dorset’s Weymouth.

Whilst having a small membership, with many who don’t contribute to the forum, residents in the market town are aware of what they call a ‘closed shop’.

” It’s where the keyboard warriors hang out to express their opinions under aliases commenting on the club, it’s quite a funny read and everyone knows if the agenda doesn’t suit the forum owner it’s not allowed to flow.

” He’s said to many, ‘My group, my rules! ‘ I guess this another case of it, it’s not as if we don’t read the likes of Twitter to read the articles anyway,” laughed the former newsagent, before adding ” That forum spreads the most gossip of them all, pot, kettle, comes to mind”