Spain's FC Cartagena raided by police and tax investigators

FC Cartagena raided by police and tax investigators

TAX inspectors accompanied by Guardia Civil officers raided the offices of the Cartagonova Stadium on Wednesday, November 10, to collect various information and documentation from FC Cartagena as part of a national operation into several Spanish clubs for “indications of fraud to Social Security”.

Club President Paco Belmonte played down the matter stating that it was a “routine inspection” and that fans must remain calm whilst the authorities do their work.

A further source at the club stated:

“We have all our Social Security certifications up to date and, otherwise, it would not be possible” to receive income from the employers’ association presided over by Javier Tebas or to make any kind of movement, such as transfers. “This has been going on for a long time.”

The club has been owned by Paco Belmonte since April 2015 and has been competing in professional football since the 2020/21 season.

Fans though are not so sure it is a routine investigation, one stated “Routine is not the police raiding a business”