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Passengers were kept on board for around two hours after they landed on Sunday night in Belfast. Police officers were said to have surrounded the aircraft.

Easyjet flight EZY839 arrived at Belfast International Airport at 9:30 pm from Gatwick, but armed police were soon seen surrounding the plane, according to passengers. According to reports, officers also boarded the plane.

Passengers were given no reason for the security check. There were not given any information on why they could not leave the plane either.

According to BBC News NI, passengers said that they were finally allowed to leave the plane just before 11:30 pm. When the passengers eventually exited the plane, they were told not to use their mobiles.

Reporter Michael Fisher took to Twitter shortly after midnight on Monday, September 27. He tweeted: “Passengers stranded for over two hours onboard an @easyJet flight from Gatwick that landed @belfastairport around 9.35 pm have now been allowed to disembark following major security operation involving armed police and fire crews surrounding the aircraft. No official statement yet.”

One passenger responded and tweeted: “Was on this flight—unbelievable lack of communication. To be fair, passengers endured the experience extremely well. As can be imagined, all sorts of rumours were flying around. Luckily, there could have been a riot with a different group of passengers.”

Another passenger explained how the staff on the plane did not know what was happening. The passenger said the: “doors opened, and police came on.”

“We have been said nothing,”

“The air hostesses know nothing. The captain’s door has been locked since we landed.”

A spokesperson for EasyJet explained: “an inbound flight from London Gatwick to Belfast International was subject to additional security checks on arrival”.

“The safety of passengers and staff is our highest priority, and we apologise for the inconvenience this delay caused.”

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