Lake Drained in search for Claudia Lawrence

A North Yorkshire fishing lake is being drained by police in the continuing search for Claudia Lawrence

Lake Drained in search for Claudia Lawrence. More than ten years after her disappearance, police still search for missing chef Claudia Lawrence.

Just a few miles from her former home, pumps are being used to examine the lake bed after a land study by the owners was passed to police. Missing since March 18th 2009, Claudia is presumed dead by the police.

Her mother stated:

‘As a mum, hearing about a lake being drained and a fingertip search being carried is just a nightmare. ‘No parent should ever have to endure this. I’m left wondering every day what is going on and what might be found.

‘Would it be her rucksack, her phone or anything at all?’

She added: ‘They know something and I don’t – the not knowing is awful. I can’t get on with life while Claudia is missing. ‘It affects every minute of my day. I’ve started having really awful nightmares again. This is the reality of living with a missing child and a live investigation. ‘I am begging anyone with any information to come forward and end this eternal pain I have to endure constantly.’

Specialist officers were seen to be removing mud, rotten vegetation and rocks from beneath the surface of the lake. Officers on land, meanwhile, conducted fingertip searches through the surrounding woodland in Sand Hutton.

Mrs Lawrence said the police did not inform her of the draining or continued search for her daughter.

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