Pensioner Bashed On The Head And Mugged In Fuengirola On Spain's Costa Del Sol

A pensioner was bashed on the head before being mugged on in Fuengirola on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

A frail pensioner was viciously struck on the head as she was mugged in Spain’s Feungirola in broad daylight as she walked down the street.

The violent attack took place in Calle Santa Gema around 3.30 PM yesterday and has left the elderly lady with cuts and bruises and in deep shock, with her daughter in law saying she will never have the confidence to leave her home again.

With poverty rates higher than ever on Spain’s Costa del Sol after the pandemic, residents say that it’s no longer safe to live or holiday in towns like Fuengirola.

“I am living here, and it’s getting worse and worse. More and more people live outside, more and more people have lost their jobs, and more beggars, elderly people are afraid when it’s dark, this is not good,” says resident Lasse Dingstad on social media.

Tracy Carter was also in full agreement with many others regarding the current dangers on the Costa del Sol, as she said, “yes, terrible! Fuengirola is changing for the worse -this is happening!”

Pernilla Evans, the pensioner’s daughter in law, summed it all up as she informed other residents to be alert and careful, saying:

“My mother-in-law has been assaulted on the open street, hit the back head and gold chain worn by her neck and purse worn by her with all her possessions in, sewn In the back head with 7 stitches. Mobile, keys and all cards. Please, everyone, be careful!!! My heart is breaking…”

Speaking to a local police officer in the town of Fuengirola, he confirmed violent gangs are operating and targeting the elderly especially, he said:

“Sadly due to all the poverty in the region, crime and violent muggings are taking place, gangs are in operation, easy targets are old men and women, not just local people but many tourists as well, we have had many reports of attacks.

“Please be very observant during these current times on the Costa del Sol”, he pleaded.






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