A huge smash involving 2 cars has closed the north Devon link road

The link road to north Devon, which leads to towns such as Barnstaple and Bideford is expected to remain closed for several hours due to a massive high-speed impact between 2 cars.

The smash took place around 10.15 this morning and eyewitnesses believe it involves fatalities whilst the local police are currently regarding it as ‘potentially serious’

As an eyewitness called the Global247news desk to report: “There’s debris all over the road, the smash was at high speed and head-on, spinning the cars across all the lanes.

Emergency services raced to the scene but I’m sure I saw somebody laid on the road and covered by a blanket.

“The road is closed now in both directions and it looks to me as the police are starting an investigation,” said the caller.

The crash took place near South Molton and traffic is reported very heavy in the area with police attempting to set up rerouting to clear the scene.

The link road from the M5 has a notorious reputation for bad car crashes and traffic incidents, normally linked to speed.

We will update as more news filters through on this breaking news story.






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