Spain to go red

Spain could now escape the dreaded red travel list, says Whitehall minister

Spain is set to escape the dreaded red travel list it was heading for just a week ago.

The same Whitehall minister who warned last week it was very likely due to spiralling figures of infections coming in from Spain is now saying that it looks like it will escape being placed on the list.

Spain has the second-highest Covid rates in Europe, which could lead to it moving to the red list at the next travel review.

The good news is the rates are falling, with 170 infections per 100,000 people reported over the last seven days.

Around 66.1 per cent of Spain’s population has had at least one vaccine.

If Spain were to be added to the list, it could be a disastrous blow to the travel industry, as Brits returning from there would have to pay for an expensive stay in a quarantined hotel for 10 days and massive financial loss to traders in Spain.

Although, the minister travelling on the train to Whitehall this morning from Cardiff station says it’s now unlikely due to the dramatic fall in rates.

“Spain has had a reduction in infection rates of holidaymakers returning, whilst the data is still being studied, it’s unlikely Spain due to the reductions will be added, this will save holiday chaos, a scenario which we try to avoid as much as possible.”


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