Counterfeit DRUGS cause Merthyr Death As Drug Abuser Issues Warning

One person is dead, and another has been in hospital after they are thought to have taken a “particularly dangerous batch” of Valium, South Wales Police have announced.

South Wales Police has warned that the batch of the drug – also known as diazepam is circulating in Merthyr Tydfil.
The prescription drug is used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and fits.
In a statement, the force urged anyone who used the drug to get immediate help if they felt unwell.
Possession of diazepam, a Class C drug without a prescription, carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.
In both the death and the person needing hospital treatment, police said initial inquiries pointed to “a particularly dangerous batch of the drug”.
Although residents in the Welsh town are warning, it’s not just a bad batch defending the drug but a counterfeit batch being sold on the streets cheap to drug takers.
An addicted drug user in the town told Global247news how dealers are peddling the ‘cheap pills’
He said: “Could it be made clearer that these would be counterfeit Valium diazepam and not a bad batch of medically prescribed medications? People who genuinely need to take those and are prescribed by a GP are going to worry in case they have a “bad batch.”
He further added,  ” Its drug addicts using these pills, they were very cheap, I was offered some but thankfully refused, I urge everyone to do the same, but I understand the gang selling them have moved onto Brecon, they need to be caught though”

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