West Ham supporters criticise the English Premier League as it delivers fake news.

Multi-billion pound business, the English Premier League, are being hammered by West Ham supporters, citing it publishes fake news.

The poorly operated website yesterday after lunch added Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard as going on loan to West Ham United sending thousands of football fans delirious with excitement  – for it only not appearing to be true.

Now fans are slamming the league officials for the incorrect information and questioning how the billon pound business can deliver such poor performance with its website.

“What other business could get away with this? – I’m going to report them to Trading Standards, all that money, and they can’t even operate a professional website,” says United supporter James Kennedy.

Whilst Hans Smiley, another disgruntled fan, says: “Getting mugged off by them is just further taking the biscuit, we pay a fortune to watch Premier League football, and they can’t even deliver the correct information?

“It was not just the incident yesterday; they have the likes of Gareth Bale at Tottenham when the world knows he’s gone back to Spain.

“It’s a total shambles and needs sorting out; how can a billion-pound company run like this, its a complete farce; they need to be held to account”, he stormed.

Now the Chief Information Officer Craig Donald is set to be scrutinised.

Donald joined the FA in July 2018 and has responsibility for the entire information technology estate, previously working for Virgin Airlines. Although many in the sports industry and supporters from all clubs feel he’s not up to the job.

Garry Adamson himself, a football agent told Global247news this morning: ” He should be given a new title, FA misinformation officer, he hasn’t got a scooby. Clearly, he can’t operate a basic information website, fans should take this further and will” he said.





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