Jake Davison Named As Plymouth Gunman Who Shot Five Including Child

The Plymouth gunman who shot 5 last night in a gun attack named as Jake Davison

The gunman who blasted five innocent people to their death, including a five-year-old named Jake Davison.

The massacre in the city of Plymouth is the worst mass shooting in the UK since 2010, although police advise it’s not terror-related.

The gunman killed four instantly in their homes on the spot, with another dying in hospital after being airlifted to hospital.

One of the victims being a child who was shot in the head at near point-blank range as the gunman burst through a back door of the child home whilst also shooting the child’s mother.

The massacre took place in the Keyham area of the city last night.

Police are still investigating whilst Furniture store owner Steve Worker reveals to Global247news how he recently sold furniture to the gunman.

Worker said: “He seemed a bit of an oddball at the time, that’s how I remember him, he came across very deep and acted very strangely, I remember saying to my staff, how I thought he must be on medication.

“To wake up and find out it’s him who shot everyone has sent a chill down my spine,” said the furniture boss.






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