Cardiff Tax Man Scorches Himself As Doctor Issues Warning To Holiday Makers

Doctors warning as Cardiff tax man scorches himself whilst in Greece.

Doctor Rupert Hayman warns Brits to be careful going abroad as a Cardiff tax officer scorched himself in Greece.

With holidaymakers keen to enjoy the sunshine after last years restrictions on travel, Dr Rupert Hayman, based on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is warning trippers to take it easy and not get carried away whilst calling Cardiff taxman Chris Jacob; a ‘bleeding idiot.’

Jacob from Llanishen in Cardiff was still self-medicating late last night after scorching his legs in the Greek searing heat.

The taxman, who could not walk last night as sunstroke took hold whilst his ankles swelled like balloons, posted to social media describing his pain.

He said: “01:06 and still 28° outside. Greek yoghurt on my legs overnight to calm down the burns,” although not many had much sympathy for the normally level headed  Tax officer.

Someone replying as Grancha Thomas said: Holy bacon legs Batman !! I thought Covid was gonna get you on this holiday, not Global warming!”

Whilst others offered to advise saying: “Get a couple of cucumbers, put them in the fridge for about an hour if they aren’t already chilled. Cut them lengthways and then rub the flesh of them onto the sunburn. You can either keep them in their skin or scoop out the flesh.”

On seeing the images, though, Dr Rupert Hayman said: “What an idiot, there has been no common sense used at all here; this is typical of a daft Brit abroad.

“Although the August heats are crazy this year – here in Spain today, it’s likely to hit 47 degrees.

“Brits travelling abroad hopefully will use more common sense than this clown,” said the furious doctor.



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