Louise Minchin is Annoyed about BBC Breakfast Star Dan Walker being a Stritcly Star!

BBC Breakfast ‘King of the sofa’ Dan Walker has been announced as the 8th star to take part in this years Strictly Come Dancing.

BBC Breakfast exclusively broke the news this morning.

Dan Walker is currently on holiday from the show, but to the current host’s shock, he was the person revealed from behind the curtain as the next strictly star!

An instant response from fellow BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin was – “I don’t believe it, Mr Walker!”

Although she seemed happy about the news, she continued and said – “I’m really annoyed that no one told me!”

The General take to the news has been positive on Twitter!

@GillyG43701921 says – One of the nicest guys on tv! I’m thrilled to flipping bits that you’re on Strictly ….go Dan

Also, on Twitter, Carol says –

This news has made my day!!! Strictly 2021 has just got even better!!! X

Although the highly anticipated response from Piers Morgan, former Good Morning Britain Presenter and former Breakfast TV Rival, is here, and Piers says – “My Christmas just came early….”

Dan Walker will, of course, join many other Stricly stars, including Dragons Den star Sara Davies which Global24ynews reported on yesterday and many more!

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