Andover Hooligan Mob Attack Budding Footballer's Legs With Broken Bottle

Scummy Andover mob attack autistic 16 year old at pizza outlet as mother calls for names of the offenders

A mother from Andover in Hampshire has hit out at a mob of hooligans who attacked her son in a pizza outlet and ‘bottled in his legs’

Kim Richens lashed out on social media as she described the brutal, unprovoked attack.

She posted:

If your 23-year-old 24-year-old son/boyfriend comes home tonight covered in blood or bruises just thought I’d let you know it’s because he attacked a child. Not on his own, though, not as a real big man as a group of 8/10, and to top it off, this aspiring footballer (child) had his legs bottled.
My son was collecting pizza from Dominos in Andover with his dad sat outside in the car.
The young lads walked in and started kicking off.
Now our 16-year-old son who has epilepsy and Autism but was just stood waiting for Pizza and instead got attacked by 5 men.
His dad intervened, trying to drag them off, saying he was only 16. This didn’t work, so he had to resort to a punch and a head butt.
Our 16-year-old son was then bottled; they smashed the bottle first, then aimed for his face but instead got his leg.
My husband was then jumped on, and both were left fighting four men with my husband trying to get the men off our son, and he managed to bundle our child into Dominoes, where they locked the door to protect him.
A passerby came to intervene at some point which allowed enough time to get our child into the shop.
My son plays for Andover Town U23’s and the word will be put out.
I want their names. They have not been arrested yet, and I have told the police I want them prosecuted for GBH or ABH at least.
Then I will start with the emotional and psychological harm they caused.
I will then go for their livelihoods, they picked the wrong child tonight, but bullies tend to do that at some point in their lives.
So if this is your child or your boyfriend, I hope you are very, very proud of them what great men they are!
They were though screaming at my 16-year-old son; you don’t know who my family are.
Well, I’m sure when this big man is prosecuted for GBH against a child, the whole of Andover will know who his family is.
So if anyone has names, please can you PM them to us but we will be using our contacts to get them as well. Thanks.
I have to edit the post to add, the passerby that came to help absolutely took a beating twice off seven of these men.
You, sir, are a true gent, and we are so grateful there are still people in this world with the morality left that see a child taking a beating from groups of men and step in. Sadly you left before my husband could take your details, but if you are reading this, please PM us so we can thank you personally.
If you have the names of the hooligans please contact Global247news or contact the police.

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