Confrontation see's Yeovil Pikey's At Ninesprings Hook up & HOOK OFF!

A confrontation this afternoon at Yeovil’s Ninesprings has seen the unwanted travellers depart.

A confrontation this afternoon between a group of local men and the unwanted travellers has seen the departure of the caravans.

Around 4.30, a confrontation took place as it appeared a group of Yeovil men approached the travellers.

After a lot of swearing and gestures with the locals pointing fingers at the rubbish and churned ground, the traveller started hooking up and heading out of the Somerset beauty spot.

Hooked Up And Hooking Off!


Eyewitness Darren Silver took photo’s and told Global247news what took place, he said:

“A large group of men came down the path from the swimming pool end and went straight up to the vans knocking on their vans.

“The travellers quickly gathered together, especially the 4 men and were quickly outnumbered.

“I could hear one man shouting ‘F@ck off out of here you Pikey’s we have had enough of you’, and there was a lot of twoing and throwing of insults, some I wouldn’t like to repeat,

“Then the group walked down towards the bottom of the town end as one shouted ‘You have 60 minutes’.

“As soon as the group had gone over the bridge, the travellers appeared to be gathering their gear, and it wasn’t long before they started driving out.

“As I sat by the coffee shop taking pictures, they saw me and started blasting their horns at me and sticking up their fingers; they were not happy.

“One shouted we will be back and pointed at me – they headed down the old railway track towards B&M.”

Another witness Mary Wilkinson said: ” It was all very dramatic to watch, although I confess I did enjoy it, well done that group of lads, somebody needs to get the gate locked before they come back”, she advised.






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