Dove face worldwide financial onslaught as transgender 'bigup' BACKFIRES

UNILEVER owners of the Dove brand face a financial onslaught after supporting Olympion transgenders

The brand Dove has come under serious fore by its customers around the globe today as they vow to dump out on the cosmetic brand.

The ruck with its customers comes after the cosmetic company took to social media to applaud transgender women, now women athletes in women’s sport.

Now a huge financial backlash against the companies stance and viewpoint is taking place as millions of users dump the product, disgusted by the recent comments.

Business analysts claim that millions of revenue are being wiped away daily from the dumped out product by former customers.

Financial and business consultant Paul Gregory feels the PR gaff is worse than that of former jewellers Ratners; he said:

” Gerald Ratner held the biggest record for the largest PR gaff when he stated he sold ‘crap’, but this supersedes it by miles.

“The whole world is against transgender people in Woman’s sport, well apart from transgender people!

“Whoever thought it was wise to support it really needs looking into; this is a PR nightmare for the brand, customers are dumping out in their millions.

“Sales losses are going to be massive, and I can’t see how the brand can recover from this,” he said.



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