Police divers continue to search for murder case evidence in Bridgend river

Police divers throughout the day have been searching the river in Bridgend where sadly 5-year-old Logan Williamson was found dead.

Logan Williamson Tributes Pour In After the 5 Year Old Found Dead In Bridgend River

Two adults, Logan’s mother and her recent fiance, are being held in police custody, as well as the mother’s elder child aged just 13.

Images are now spreading across social media of the couple arrested on suspicion of the murder of the young boy.

Although for legal reasons, they can’t be named until or if they are charged, which, according to sources related to the CPS, are due within the next 24 hours as police continue to interview the three and collate evidence.

Police in South Wales understands how distressing this case is and have asked the residents of Sarn in Bridgend not to speculate whilst talking to the mass of national media gathered in the South Wales town.

Police divers searching throughout the day for evidence.


The mother states on her Facebook profile how she considers herself a full-time mummy who recently got engaged to a man from Coventry on May 5th.

Images on her profile also show that she had a child with her Fiance from Coventry in 2020.

The investigation continues as tributes pour in globally for the deceased 5-year-old who was reported missing before eventually being found in the river.

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