Benidorm's mayor says the new restrictions are a “betrayal of the Costa Blanca tourism sector.”

The mayor of Benidorm has hit out, stating Benidorm’s new restrictions are a “betrayal of the Costa Blanca tourism sector.”

Tourism in Spain’s Benidorm is over in 2021 as the region had new covid regulations placed on it, causing the mayor of the town to strikeout.

Toni Perez, the mayor,  has accused the Valencian Government of “betraying” the tourism sector after hotels have seen an unprecedented number of cancellations for August whilst enforced regulations have hit the holiday favourite.

He further attacked the Spanish government, saying:

“The Government is more worried about closing restaurants and hotels, rather than health management and vaccinations,” he said.

The mayor  also continued: “Hotels are already getting their first cancellations for August, and it will get worse as tourism on the Costa Blanca is sunk.”

The comments from the outspoken mayor come after new covid regulations come into place on July 26th; those restrictions are

Night curfew between 1 am, and 6 am across all the Valencia region

Restaurants and bars have to close by 12.30 am

Gathering are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Basically, the regulations are killing off any hope of tourism in 2021, whilst visitors to the region say Benidorm is one of the safest places in Europe right now.

Kevin Nolan, who has just returned with his wife and kids, told Global247news of his visit this week; he said: “Benidorm appeared to us to be very safe, far safer than here (Stratford).

“We had a fantastic two weeks; it was quite than normal, but everywhere you went, precautions were being taken, and I’ve never seen the area so clean; those regulations coming in will be the death of Benidorm – it’s crazy!” he finished.

Benidorm has seen hundreds of British and Spanish business owners go bust in 2021, and the new regulations are sure to finish off far more.




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