Cryptocurrency has rocketed overnight after Amazon announcement overnight

The worlds largest retailer Amazon have announced that they will start accepting cryptocurrencies for payment.

The announcement during the night has seen markets react and Crypto soar quicker than a Jeff Bezos rocket to space.

On Bitcoin alone, every purchase at £49 is now worth currently £56 and rising with it reported finishing today at possibly £64 according to experts.

Amazon’s announcement that they will accept Bitcoin and integrate it into their payment systems woke up the market and saw new investments into the coin as the worlds largest player Amazon got taken very seriously.

Amazon has also announced they will be launching their own Crypto coin in 2022 and it’s expected that it will become one of the largest Crypto coins with a 2 year period with the Amazon profile behind it.

For Bitcoin it is the largest single gain day in 6 weeks, delighting large investors into digital currencies.

Each Bitcoin this morning is valued at £28,196 up 11 percent from yesterday and experts believe the value will continue to rise throughout the day.

” I’ve seen my wallet make me several thousands of pounds this morning,” said Bitcoin investor Dale Wright.

“I bought in at 20,000 mark, now it’s 28k, I own three full coins and have made 24 grand, you don’t see those returns on the stock market,” he said with a large grin before saying ” Bitcoin will hit 100k by the end of the year, you watch all the other brands follow Amazon” he tipped.





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