Eamon Holmes wants to be called PAPA like the Pope as he miss spells grandaughter's name

TV Presenter Eamon Holmes wants to be called Papa just like the Pope

TV viewers favourite Eamon Holmes celebrated the birth of his first grandchild before announcing to the world he wants to be called Papa just like the Pope.

Delighted ‘Papa’ took to social media to show the first images of his new and first grandchild being held by his son Declan.

Declan and his wife have named their daughter Emelia.

Holmes announced in his tweet, My Firstborn Son Declan with his firstborn and my first Grandchild Emelia. Welcome to The World Emelia. Just call me Papa.’

Clearly, the TV host was over the moon finding the sheer delight of becoming a grandfather for the first time.

Although Holmes in all the excitement spelt his granddaughters name wrong before he was quickly pulled up and shortly corrected it!

Diane Lamont, tweeted in reply “I think it’s spelt Amelia! Declan and Jenny are a lovely couple. I’ve 2 grandsons, Aidan and Rory. My son Simon and Gill live in Clonmore Manor in Lisburn as he is a civil engineer based in Hillsborough and my daughter in law works in the RVH in the eye clinic. Enjoy Papa”

Whilst, Mr Gates, returned congratulating Diane and Eamon Lol. Imagine trying to tell someone to spell their grandchild’s name differently than what was picked for them. Good work Dianne!!!”





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