Advertising Expert Warns About False Claims On Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Advertising expert warns about false unregulated claims on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca.

An advertising and marketing expert fears for British ex-pat businesses on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca as they stat to reestablish their businesses after the pandemic.

Based in Norway and the UK, Sam Greenwood has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for 20 years, marketing some of the most global brands.

Advertising &Marketing Whizz Sam Greenwood

Although, Greenwood, as he watches the Spanish markets slightly recover, fears for businesses that survived the pandemic.

He explained this morning to Global247news:

“I see so many false claims in Spain, and I fear for fellow British ex-pats as they attempt to reestablish their businesses.

“Businesses can not afford to have mass wastage of funds whilst of course they need to market their business as tourism especially starts to trickle back to Spain.

“The biggest issue in Spain is that it’s unregulated at present, although that is starting to change at long last, although it is going to take time to be enforced.

“With modern technology also replacing the day of the newspaper, it’s even more important to check your facts and question sales representatives and monitor your return on investment (ROI) which you be at least 10% of your spend.

” Ideally, for every 100 spent with your media outlet, you want a return from your customers of a minimum £1000 turnover.

“If you aren’t, you are burning your money, in what we call hit and hope marketing, hit and hope is a sure-fire way to go to the wall unless you are already generating masses of turnover/profit.

“If you are not getting 10% minimum – then you ask for a lower price until you achieve that level,” said Sam.

Sam then added: ‘Remember the media should be working for you – not you paying so much you are working for the media’

Greenwood then gave examples of false claims and tips on ensuring you obtain the truth whilst saying Spain has so many grey areas.

He tipped: “Sales reps will present you with figures; you need to question if they are true and to present you with the facts rather than just ‘show talk.’

Here is an example I have looked at in Spain; I take the claim from Euroweeklynews who claims to be the largest English speaking media outlet in Spain.

“On their website, it reads,

The EWN website receives on average 3,000,000 page views and just over 1,900,000 visitors each week.

“This is a totally wild claim; my statistics show the website in question is currently only receiving 4-5,000 views per day from Google.

Here in the graph below, as a digital marketing expert, I can retrieve these figures, truthfully anyone can, but you do need to know what you are doing, although there is a much simpler way.

Nowhere Near Daily 428,571 Claim – Real Figure From Google 4-5k Daily – Huge Difference!

“Now, as you can see, the figures nowhere near meet the claims of The Euro Weekly News. Some 400,000 short daily on average. As clear as the graph shows – the bottom line is for the 5k mark.

“All this information is available online, although naturally, as a businessperson, you don’t have time to sit checking and finding these statistics, there is a simple check you can make – ask for the days’ current Analytic showing.

“Let me show you, a salesperson selling you advertising can easily have this figure on their mobile phone or laptop. This will show you simply the number of persons online that minute on their website, whilst this information is only viewable to the website owner, the sales rep should have no issue demonstrating it to you,” he advised.

Global247news current viewers per minute on


We allowed Sam access to our current viewing figures to demonstrate what he was talking about.

Sam explained: “As you can see, Global247news currently has 5,500 persons online this minute. That would make around the daily figure of 300,000 plus of daily views on average.

“That’s a good market reach for an advertiser reach to potential customers.

” My main point is, though, these are the figures you should be requesting from Sales Reps from media outlets; it’s simply available proof, rather than wild claims of ‘show talk.’

“Using the example of the reality of the Euro Weekly News, online per minute their Google Analytics figure would be around the 90 to 150 mark fluctuating. In my opinion, the advertising rate worth of those real figures is £20 per week. Naturally, a business can charge what it wishes.

“As a trader though you want ROI … if you spend £20, you want at least a return of £250 per week in turnover.

“That’s my fear for traders in Spain; nothing is audited, wild claims fly around, and I don’t want to see business owners paying over the odds and not obtaining an ROI on their investment, because that is what advertising should be, an investment for a business return” he stated.

Sam then turned to the best mediums to what he thinks should re-boot business for traders.

He advised: “Forget newspapers, especially free ones, there is a reason ‘free newspapers’ died out years ago in the UK.

” Simply traders no longer obtained ROI for what the newspapers needed to charge to cover their print costs.

“People don’t read papers anymore, especially weekly titles, the news that people seek can be 7 days old.

“My advice is targeting your audience on social media channels, It’s easy to do yourself, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, again don’t go hiring an agency, they will take a percentage when you can easily do it yourself or find someone who would be prepared to do it on a flat fee basis.

“When it comes to digital marketing online – this is where you need to be very careful in understanding the numbers and data being sold to you, like I say is ask for the current live google analytic figure! – as you can read the exact facts, rather than try and work your way through the smoke of the salesman’s ‘show talk’

“It’s been a long struggle for businesses in Spain and I would hate to see them waste hard-earned on over milked advertising sale patter! ” Sam finished.

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