Gylfi Sigurdsson

His wife, Alexandra Ivarsdottir, has ruled out Gylfi Sigurdsson stories on Twitter about being arrested. 

As rumours spread amongst the football world that the player himself had been arrested for texting in a sexual nature underage girls, his wife has come forward to deny any such claims and state the player is not behind bars or been arrested.

As no evidence has come forward despite thousands of tweets being published on social media by football fans claiming to be “In the know”, it appears to be another case of vile attacks on football players by using the social media channel.

As previously reported, thousands of tweets started to circulate on Saturday evening that the star player had been arrested after being caught texting underage girls.

Some tweets claiming that he had been rumbled by Paedophile hunters, although no footage appeared to be presented or forthcoming.

YouTube presenters were quick to jump on the story – which now appears to be totally unfounded and completely made up and total fabrication.

In the world of social media abuse, this seems to be yet another case of vile fake news being spread.

“Imagine what he and his wife are having to go through,” said Swansea City supporter Dai Thomas.

He went onto say, “Twitter has to be controlled far better, and these types of tweets need to stop; they are vile and disgusting.

“I met the player and his wife on several occasions when he played for us; they were delightful people, they don’t deserve this”, he pointed out.

Although YouTube football presenter Adam Brown, like others who went and made videos on the subject and presented them, still feels that something is afoot despite the wife’s denials.

Brown said: “Simple question, why is it the wife and not the player or his agent making the denial?”

He continued, “That to me smells alone; something is afoot here.”

Global247news sports investigators have made enquiries all weekend and this morning and have found no evidence of any such claims.







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