Gylfi Sigurdson

Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdson is under fire from football fans accusing him of texting underage girls.

Football fans are alleging on social media channels that Everton’s star player Sigurdson has been arrested and held by police for texting underage girls with sexual nature.

The unfounded social media claims that have provided no evidence thus far saw on Saturday night the story become the most trending subject on Twitter in the UK.

As the tweet circulated amongst ‘online fans, ‘ football hosts of popular YouTube shows jumped on the bandwagon.

Adam Brown, who produces ‘Football With Brownie’ from around Europe, said it could be the next ‘Adam Johnson’ and will be the biggest story throughout the summer.

Adam Johnson was found guilty of texting and meeting up with a schoolgirl whilst playing for Sunderland FC. He served a jail sentence for his crime and was placed on the sex offenders list.

The latest tweets come just 7 days after online abusers threw thousands of comments containing racial abuse after English players missed penalties at the end of the Euros final against Italy.

Many people, including genuine football fans, feel this is just another incident demonstrating Twitter has become totally toxic and out of control.

One of those fans Nathan Carrick, a Newcastle supporter, told Global247news this morning: “Yes, I saw all the tweets, who hasn’t?

“But once again, there appears to be no foundation to the story, it just goes to show Twitter is becoming farcical, and a section of football fans can make up and say what they wish.

“It’s disgusting, and people really need to grow up”, finished the disturbed Geordie.






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