5th Wave in Spain Sees Travel Agents Say Select Elsewhere As Infections Spiral

Spain goes through the 4 million barrier for Covid infections since the start of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health yesterday was informed by the autonomous communities that a further 43,960 new cases of the potentially deadly coronavirus had been detected.

On Tuesday, in the previous 24 hours, a shocking 13,393 cases were diagnosed.

These figures are increasing and are considerably higher than those reported only a week ago.

One week ago, 14,137 cases were reported.

According to official statistics, since the start of the pandemic, the total number of infections in Spain is a staggering 4,015,084.

The latest release of figures now leaves Spain in dire straights for receiving visitors to bolster their flagging tourism trade that has basically been on the rocks now for 1.5 years.

According to Whitehall ministers, Spain has already been red-listed by many countries concerning travel, whilst the UK government is preparing to place mainland Spain on the red list and the Spanish islands such as Mallorca onto the Amber list shortly.

Meanwhile, UK tour operators and travel agents are already advising potential holidaymakers to choose a different destination.

Rian Rodber, an International travel agent, confirmed: “We, like other agencies, are now advising bookers to avoid Spain; the situation is terrible there according to the latest data.

“Our message is clear, don’t go to Spain if you don’t wish to risk having your holiday cancelled at any stage, select a country where there is less risk of your holiday falling through.”

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