England Embarrass Themselves On And Of The Pitch Modern Day Keyboard Warriors Blamed

England embarrass themselves once again on and off the pitch

Once again the nation of England have embarrassed themselves whilst playing international football.

Whilst the only embarrassment on the pitch was weak and pathetic tippy tappy, stuttering run-up penalties, off the pitch, saw the English nation totally embarrass themselves around the globe.

The public around the world have woken up to scenes of fighting and yobbish behaviour at Wembley, where unticketed ‘fans’ rocked up to smash down gates in an attempt to force-free entry, whilst national headlines focused in on yet again full-blown racist comments on so-called ‘Social Media’ targeting their own black players.

Although 54-year-old football fan Mike Marshall, like thousands of other genuine football fans, say this is not football fans but scrotes tagging themselves onto a tournament and in regard towards Social Media, keyboard warriors of modern society.

Mike told Global247news this morning: “It’s totally embarrassing and once again I am embarrassed to be English this morning.

“Yet again, due to f@cking idiots and scum, we are looking once again a nation of idiots and yobs and it has to stop.

“I went to the game yesterday and saw clowns and the filth of society enter an arena they had no right to be in, those who got through the barriers then thought they had the full-blown right to sit in others seats.

“When I got to my seat, a little oink was already in it, he refused to move saying ‘hey mate sit over there’ – I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him out of my paid seat, I was not violent and kept my cool but to be straight to the point he was a piece of drunken pond life.

“There weren’t enough stewards inside to deal with the issues, if that had been I would not have taken that action myself, but he was not having my seat.

“These aren’t football fans, they are just scum who have jumped on the tournament bandwagon and now they get regarded as football fans around the world, to them it was just a day on the piss” stormed Marshall.

He further ranted: ” Society has gone so wrong, it all starts how these little weasels are raised, no standards, no respect.

“We should bring back National Service, but that won’t happen in this snowflake society we live in today, it’s only going to get worse as this younger generation come through and continue breeding more weasels.” he summed up.

According to Bill Knight, another to contact Global247news he turned to what he calls keyboard warriors in modern-day football and says it’s more like Anti-Social media and blamed the modern-day fan on there for the disgusting racial comments the world has woken up to today.

Knight, a 57-year-old English and Bristol City supporter, said:

” Look the media will never admit this, because it sounds like an excuse, the truth is football is now followed by thousands of nerds who have been brought up on a computer, rather than attending matches and going down the pub to talk football face to face.

“They say things on football forums and social media accounts they would never say face to face at a match or in a pub before a game, on forums they even hide from who they really are whilst sniping and abusing both fans and players, you can go on any forum these days and call yourself say ‘Skip Rat’ and go on the attack.

“These are keyboard warriors, brave on a keyboard, sitting in their bedrooms all day going on the attack, they would never come out and say what they type.

“They get a sick kick out of it as they crave attention, it’s what they thrive on, they probably aren’t actually racist but using the terms gets them the sad attention that they crave.

“It’s not just football either is it, if you follow social media you see it everywhere, keyboard snipers.

“They don’t have a life, just sit at home on the snipe, if you think social media is bad, look at the football forums they are far worse as they can easily hide their identity as they snipe away, sadly that’s the way it’s going and you will never eradicate ‘cyber racism’ until it’s regulated and controlled correctly, as, for the forums, the people who run them should be held accountable.

” Forums can be fun, but they should be regulated, people posting as themselves, not with an alias so they can snipe and attack,” says Knight.

It’s an argument that is set to rumble on a while yet as officials once again search for a solution to the problems associated with football in general as well as the England team.


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