USA: Man trapped under ATV survives for two days on beer

A man pinned under an ATV for two days survived on beer and bottled water.

USA: Man trapped under ATV survives for two days on beer. Wyoming farmer Frank Reynolds, 53, had been trying to round up a female cow and her calf on a neighbouring property when the ATV tipped over and pinned him to the ground. The incident happened on Sunday in Gillette, northeast Wyoming, with Mr Reynolds telling local news reporters from his hospital bed “It was scary as hell is what it was.”

The Campbell County undersheriff, Quentin Reynolds, who happens to be Frank’s brother, said the family thought he was out with friends or had gone camping. After becoming concerned on Monday they discovered that Frank had been planning to work on his neighbour’s land. Mr Reynolds dislocated his shoulder and broke ribs in the incident.

He had been honking the horn of the ATV so much that he drained the battery but still hadn’t been found. Scott Matheny, local sheriff, said that luckily a cooler box was within arm’s reach and Mr Reynolds managed to ration water and a few beers to keep him alive. He added “The country out there was so rough that the search party, originally on four-wheelers, had to turn back and saddle up horses.”

Reynolds was discovered by neighbour Don Hamm around 8am on Tuesday. His brother said “He’s really lucky that the drinks landed within reach of his right arm.” Mr Reynold will remain in hospital for a few more days and is expected to make a full recovery.

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