New Life In The Sun TV Star Gary Adamson turns detective to trace missing girl on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Whilst yet once appearing this week on Channel 4’s programme ‘New life In The Sun’ in a re-run, the show’s biggest star Gary Adamson it’s understood has been playing detective, which led to him tracing a missing girl in 5 hours, solving the case the Spanish police failed to do in 4 days.

An appeal went out on Spain’s Costa del Sol to alert of the missing of Emily Kaplan, who was staying at Hotel Riu whilst visiting from the London area.

Spanish police were alerted as Kaplan did not return to her hotel on the 6th of July.

As local ex-pats shared the missing information, one of those to share the information was TV Star Gary Adamson.

According to our sources, Adamson, now the managing director of Bars Abroad, had a tip-off from members of the public in Torremolinos via Facebook that the missing girl was in a bar very drunk wearing a blue wristband.

Detective Gary Adamson

Witnesses in Fuengirola told Global247news how Adamson dived onto his scooter and headed to the bar in question.

According to Claire Williams, who was sat in the bar when Adamson ran in, he arrived in a desperate state; she said: ” This man came running in with a picture shouting, ‘have you seen this girl.’

“I recognised him straight away from the TV; I told him she was here but had just left and stated she was very drunk; he thanked me and shot up the road on foot.

“My husband and I followed to see if he needed any assistance.

” We watched him approach the young girl who quickly burst into tears as she came out of a nearby apartment crying, and we could see Gary giving her a big cuddle.

“We left the scene shortly after and returned to the bar where the barman reported she had been hanging out with a local beggar for the last few days.”

It’s now reported thanks to Gary Adamson, the young lady In question is being supported due to his heroic behaviour.

Locals, though, in Fuengirola are not surprised by his actions; Mary Wilkson said: ” Gary’s a legend in these parts, only at Christmas he was feeding everyone a free Christmas dinner, these latest actions don’t surprise me or others the least.”

Global247news contacted Mr Adamson tonight, who replied: “It’s been a very long and stressful day, can you please contact me tomorrow? I don’t want to say anything now, but after a goodnight sleep can update you later but I will confirm,thankfully the young lady has been found”

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