Expats Jabbed out of relaxation quarantine regulations as Spain's vaccination doesn't count

Expats who live in Spain will still have to quarantine returning to the UK

Despite the announcement earlier today that Brits returning from holidays in Spain will not have to quarantine if they have been ‘double jabbed’, it now appears that this does not apply to ex-pats who have been vaccinated in Spain.

Whilst thousands of ex-pats have been restricted from visiting family and friends in the UK, it’s come to light the regulations clearly state that you need to have had the NHS UK supplied vaccine to avoid quarantine.

This meaning restrictions and quarantine still apply to ex-pats double jabbed in Spain.

The shock has only hit home in the last couple of hours since the UK government announcement and has left British nationals living in Spain gobsmacked.

Brian Kelly, living in Valencia, was one of the first to realise the jab predicament; he contacted Global247news after visiting the UK government website, he said:

” I heard the news and went to book a flight back to Newcastle; we haven’t seen family for nearly two years.

” Before booking, instinct took me to the UK government website, which states the jabs have to have been had in the UK.

” I rang the British Embassy in Malaga, and they confirmed this.

“It’s just another kick in the teeth for British ex-pats from the UK – surely a vaccine is a vaccine, the same drug companies make it for god’s sake, once again we have been rolled over by our own country.”


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