Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

The US & the EU have contacted Boris Johnson for an emergency meeting over the double jab ruling.

Whitehall insiders have confirmed tonight to Global247news that both EU and US leaders have contacted the British prime minister Boris Johnson over his latest double jab ruling.

Currently, the ruling stands that to be allowed into the UK from Amber listed countries, you must have had 2 Covid jabs, and they must have been administered in the UK.

Any jabs administered outside the UK do not qualify, and the traveller into the UK must still go into quarantine following the full regulations.

This severely at present affects British ex-pats who live in the likes of Spain and Portugal who wish to return home to see families they haven’t seen for up to 2 years.

Now according to the Whitehall source, this could potentially shortly be overturned.

Although some ex-pats are deeply concerned, especially yesterday, British Embassies were contacted and dished out different advice.

Malaga’s British Embassy was telling British ex-pats the information was correct, whilst in Mallorca, residents were told it was not the case.

Joanne Abraham, who booked flights for Saturday, called her Embassy to be told it was nonsense. However, she was later told it was actually correct, leading her to believe that the British government had left ex-pats as an oversight.

“Once again, it appears Boris has forgotten about us; that’s just typical of him.

“Now I have to wait to have this cleared up, and hopefully it is before Saturday,” she said.


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