THE Costa del Sol district has the second-worst covid incidence rate in all of Andalucia.

The total of 570 infections this Tuesday, July 6, has raised the incidence rate across the region.

No deaths related to the virus have been recorded in the last 24 hours though

The numbers are concerning right through Torremolinos to Manilva, with 352 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.


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Meanwhile, the amount of positive cases in the last seven days for the six Malaga health districts has reached 3,000.

This number has not been recorded since the last week of February.

The latest figures are very disappointing for the Spanish region heavily dependent on tourism and with businesses currently collapsing at a rate of knots.

The sobering news from the Ministry Of Health is once again causing businesses that have survived the pandemic thus far grave concerns.

James Whittle, who runs a boutique hotel in Nerja, tells Global247news of his fears, saying: These numbers are alarming, as business owners we are getting no assistance, the government still want their social security payments etc., they keep taking from the bank as they can whilst tourism is still blocked.

“I can’t see the Costa del Sol being open at all in 2021 for any decent trade.

“We really are now fearing the fifth wave, and it looks likely to hit soon”, he finished.