English football fans laughing at FAKE NEWS from Euro Weekly News In Spain

English football fans are in stitches laughing at a fake headline in Spain’s Euro Weekly News.

Football fans supporting England tonight from their Spanish armchairs were left gobsmacked this morning at the latest fake news gaff by the Euro Weekly News.

According to their ‘king of the spin’ journalist Ron Howells, despite fans being banned from going to the game in Rome, Howells claimed

King Of The Spin Euro Weekly Reporter Ron Howells

“England fans in Rome expected to splash out over £500million on food, drink and souvenirs.”

The headline has left ex-pat football fans in tears of laughter, wondering what Howells is on about.
” What on earth is he on about? 500 million, there’s no way 500 million will be spent in Rome tonight.
“Sadly, this sums up the poor quality reporting we get here in Spain from rags like this – come on, don’t they check their facts?
“The whole of Europe knows English fans are banned from travelling to Rome, and let’s be honest, even if they could, they wouldn’t be spending 500 million!” said Chris Wilson living in Spain’s Fuengirola.
The article that appeared on the Euro Weekly News website this morning is just another long list of fake news distribution by the paper according to scouser Billy having a pint this morning at Timmy’s Bar, he said:
“What a load of bollocks, I’ve heard it all now, 500 million my arse but it’s nothing new coming from the Euro Weekly News, they are always at it, according to them previously the Isis Bride who wants to come home, is already home!
“That really sums them up, but this whopper is a classic, that journo must be sniffing something before he writes”, he laughed.
The actual truth is that England fans are banned from travelling to Rome, and the team will tonight rely on small support from ex-pats who are allowed to travel as they reside in Europe.
Vince Attwell, who runs an England travelling supporters group, confirmed the likely spend in Rome, he said after being shown the headline, ” The spend is more likely 5 grand if that, than 500 million, whoever that reporter is out in Spain I feel the sun may have gone to his head.”



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