Anne Hernandez MBE battling to save Brit's From Being Deported In Spain

Anne Hernandez is up to her eyes in paperwork attempting to stop Brit’s being deported from Spain.

Anne Hernandez, known as the people’s champion on Spain’s Costa Blanca & Costa del Sol, is battling to stop Brits from being deported from Spain.

Hernandez, who recently received the MBE awarded by her Majesty The Queen for her relentless work on behalf of ex-pats in Spain, has invited possible deportees to turn to her for advice and assistance rather than ‘Bob down the bar.’

Today, Britain’s ex-pat wonder woman said

I keep getting asked to sort out TIEs that have not gone through on the first submission and the applicant has not been informed by their representative whether it be a friend or a ‘professional’.
Whilst most professionals should understand the requirements of the TIE for 3rd country nationals they don’t seem to understand the requirements of the Withdrawal Agreement and with 599 pages of legal jargon it does take some reading!
So they may not present the application correctly as a beneficiary of the WA.
This is not a trivial thing you are applying for – it is your permission to entitle you to continue living here!
I was passed one the other day that had been refused permission and gave 15 days to leave the country!
I understand you might be trying to save some money but please don’t rely on Bob in the bar to submit it for you!
Come to us if you need proper professional help from those who do actually know! It will honestly save you a lot of stress and worry in the long run!

Brits are starting to be ordered to leave the country, as examples in Hernandez’s latest announcement with 15-day notices handed out.

Many ex-pats never thought their time would have been up in Spain, thinking that the Brexit ruling would just be swept under the carpet, but now the reality is hitting home as 15 days notices are ordered if ex-pats don’t complete the paperwork correctly.



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