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Be warned. Ordering “chips and salsa” does not mean the same thing in every country.

American woman “lost for words” after ordering “chips and salsa” in Italy. American Kacie Burns posted a video to TikTok showing the outcome when she ordered the dish in Italy. She placed a caption on the video which read “An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing.”

Explaining her actions in the video she said she found a nice little Italian restaurant and sat down. After reading the menu she decided to order the “chips and salsa”. However what turned up at her table was “unexpected” she said. She received a basket of potato chips with 2 plastic sachets, one of ketchup and one of mayonnaise. She did however point out that the mix-up happened due to a “loss in translation”.

She wrote “It’s not a big deal. ‘Salsa’ in Italian literally means ‘sauce,’ so technically I got what I wanted!” Other users shared similar experiences with one saying “When I was in Rome, I got chips with barbecue sauce and ketchup.” while another added “I used to live in England.

The closest thing they have to tortilla chips is Doritos.” Burns said that she thought the whole thing was hilarious, commenting “I will never forget it”.


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