Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca Expats To Hit Spain's Ibiza For Family Reunions

British ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca to hold family reunions in Ibiza

Expats living out in the sun on Spain’s Costa’s are now making plans to head to Ibiza to see missed loved ones.

Having now been added to the green list, Ibiza has left an opportunity window for families to reunite.

Having not seen Fathers, Mothers, or Grandchildren due to travel restrictions, ex-pats can finally use the loophole to hold family get-togethers.

Ferry and flight bookings have trebled today from mainland Spain as families make plans to meet on the party holiday island.

Jimmy Danfo, who resides in Denia, has already made the booking after being frantically online today booking a ferry.

He told Global247news: “I’m desperate to see my two new grandchildren; as soon as I saw Ibiza on the green list, I put my plan together.

“I’ve booked my daughters and grandchildren a week in Ibiza, and now I have booked a ferry over and hotel room for myself; I can’t wait to see them after nearly 2 years.

“I’ve missed 2 years of them growing up apart from Facetime videos, and now I can finally get to see them,” said the delighted ex-pat.

It appears Jimmy is not alone in the ‘escape to see family’ plan as Wally Downes calls it; he said, “I spoke to my local travel agent this morning, and he said whilst making my booking that loads of families are doing the same.

“I think it’s daft that we have to do it this way, but at least, at last, we can reunite with family.

“These regulations have made me sick the way they have been handled, but at least there is a loophole now for reunions”, he finished.




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