Sales are soaring for a Benidorm board game all holidaymakers can play

With all the restrictions taking place and drastically reducing holidays to Spain’s Benidorm leaving businesses destitute of punters, one company has struck financial gold.

UK punters are flocking to buy from the holiday destination, the Benidorm boardgame.

A board game described as Benidorm’s first-ever board game bringing you all the ups and downs of life in Benidorm has seen sales rocket from the UK.

The game’s inventors offer the chance to play the game that’s costed at just £26, advertise the winning game as:

Start your life as a tourist, get a job maybe as a prop or become an extra on Benidorm and work your way up to being a TV celebrity. Make it through the holiday, and you can start buying bars and restaurants building up to your own hotel chain. Will you end up living the dream or sleeping on the Levante beach.

Take a stroll around the market or maybe get lost in the old town. Will you get scammed by the potato men or call house at bingo, spend all night singing karaoke or dancing on the square. Rent a mobility scooter speeding round the board or crash the hire car ending up in Levante Hospital. Avoid paying your taxes, get done by the sound police, lose your wallet skinny dipping in the sea, win big at the bookies; this game has it all. Win the game by becoming a Benidorm tycoon but just hope French air traffic control strikes don’t hit your pocket.

Only the brave live here, and the lucky survive

* Over 100 life, risk, shopping & jobs cards bringing you the daily ups and downs of life in Benidorm

* All your favourite businesses, pay for food & drink to the property owner, collect rents off your friends

* Will you get a caravan, live in a villa by the sea, shop at the market, or can you afford luxury items

* How will you play this game of skill & chance – suitable for all the family.

Since its launch, UK lovers of the iconic holiday have been snapping up the opportunity to play and reminisce about the town.
So much so that the Spanish based suppliers are fighting to keep up with demand.
UK punter Heather Parsons from Hull, who normally visits Benidorm 6 times a year, revealed how it had satisfied her needs; she said: “It’s a brilliant game that actually makes you feel you are in Beni and it brings back so many memories too.
“All my friends have bought it, and they say the same, at least we can get a touch of Beni whilst restricted from travelling”, she laughed.

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