Banana Skins Finally Come To The Rescue For Yeovil Builder David Pinkett

Banana skins come to the rescue of Yeovil builder David Pinkett

A pair of banana skins have rescued Yeovil builder David Pinkett.

The term banana skin is not new to the Yeovil builder, since back in 1976, he hit the headlines of all the somerset newspapers when he slipped 5 yards from the finishing line in the Somerset area finals whilst a child.

After hitting the headlines, with one reading ‘Banana skin run for Yeovil champ Pinkett’  in days when headlines were harsher on minors – Pinkett’s fame around Yeovil in Somerset has always been at his expense.

A close friend told of the builder’s misfortune that day; he said, ” We were all given the afternoon off school to watch the Yeovil champion Pinkett in the Somerset area final, there was a huge crowd, had to be at least a thousand spectators who had come from all across the county, anyway, Pinkett was the local champion in the piggyback race, he thought he was the bee’s knees at Milford primary school.

Pinkett at the scene of his big banana slip 45 years ago that hit the headlines

” When the starting gun went off, Pinkett and his sidekick, can’t remember his name, went storming off into the lead.

“Although for the first time ever, 10 yards from the finishing line he slipped and fell and crashed to the floor in front of thousands, it became came known locally as the banana skin race, and it’s something he’s never lived down.

“It hit all the headlines of the local press at the time,” he said.

Now Pinkett has once again, 45 years later, is back in the deadlines, recently it was revealed how he was struggling as a gardener.

This time banana skins have come to save his blushes, unlike the banana skin race in 1976.

Rose Sticks Bought On The Internet By Pinkett

As previously reported, Pinkett thought he had been ripped off on the Internet over a couple of rose plants and failed to see how 2 sticks delivered to him would ever grow in the garden.

As he posted his issues on social media, Pinkett thought he was having his leg pulled yet again when Josie Jordan replied, “they will come on David, put banana skins in water and leave for a few days, then feed the water to the roses, they love the potassium. Or just place the skins at the base of the plant and water – they will eventually compost into the soil…. good luck.”

Pinkett, without telling anyone outside his family, deployed the tip and was pleased to see his ‘two sticks’ bloom stating, “Perhaps not as dead as one 1st thought or maybe Josie Jordan ‘s banana skins have done the trick.”

Contacting the Pinkett household this morning, David himself was unavailable, although known to be at home, but his wife Mel revealed all, she said:

Wife Mel who’s assisted husband David for over 45 years of jibes

“We were sworn to secrecy; Dave has never got over the banana skin jibes even though it was 45 years ago; he thought the tip was a wind-up and a leg pull at his expense yet again.

“Although it appeared to start working and since has had the kids and I eating like monkeys as he wanted new skins every day, sneaking out at night to lay fresh skins.

“He didn’t want anyone to know at first because he knew he would be setting himself up if it didn’t work; he has some really cruel mates who still bring up his big slip in 1976, but now they have bloomed, he’s delighted, and they look perfect!” she said.

“I guess he will never lose the tag of his famous banana skin moment back then, but hopefully now it will help him overcome the physiological damage”, she burst out laughing.


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