Anne Hernandez MBE hits out from Spain's Costa del Sol over Brexit

Anne Hernandez MBE struck out today on the anniversary of the Brexit vote

Anne Hernandez, a name known to every British ex-pat living in Spain, struck out today on the 5th anniversary of the UK Brexit vote.

Becoming a legend to thousands of ex-pats in Spain that rightly earned her an MBE from the Queen after she constantly battled to advise British nationals of the truths of the Brexit fallout against often an incorrect ex-pat Spanish newspaper, the legend struck out some harsh words of the reminder of the damage of Brexit, she says:

“On 24 June 2016, this was the result, and after Theresa May signed Article 50 on 29 March 2017, our futures were mapped out for us as 3rd country nationals. Stripped of our EU identity, all we could do was make the best of a bad (diabolical) job and regularise our lives here in Spain. Deciding my fellow Brits would be needing help that I felt fairly confident to give, I grabbed 4 friends to form my Committee and created this association Brexpats in Spain. Goodness knows how many people we have helped, but approx 28,000 members later (oh and an MBE!), and we are still helping because a lot of the negative consequences we see on almost a daily basis were never declared would happen. So many fell for the lies and false promises of the Leave campaign, and now they rue that day 5 years ago, as do we!”

Expat Legend Anne MBE

It was strong words that both British residents in Spain and the UK agree with, now that Britain appears to have made the wrong choice.

Since the Brexit regulations have been enforced, Brits have flocked out of their Spanish homes back to the UK, deciding they didn’t wish to be residents, now restricted to 90 days at a time being able to be in Europe.

Returning home, they have also found the rise in the British cost of living; prices have gone through the roof on endless products due to shortages ranging from motor cars, vans, motorhomes to the average product in the supermarket.

Meanwhile, the building industry is in chaos that is predicted to affect the UK’s inflation rates due to shortages of materials and inflated prices.

“Anne is bang on with her latest comments,” said Jim Gregory, who returned home on March 31st from his Fuengirola home.

“I’m so glad she got the MBE, but she should be given a position in the government; we need real people like her in charge, not like the plebs we currently have, Brexit needs to be overturned, Britain has made a massive mistake.

“My building company is really suffering; there are all sorts of shortages, simple panels of wood are in short supply as an example, if you can get hold of it, you have to pay a small fortune, it’s the end consumer losing out.

“The 90 day ruling too is a joke”, he stormed.

While the Euro finals currently take place, even fans share their opinion; Welsh supporter Nigel Harris hit out this morning just on the basics of life he stormed.

5 years ago today, Britain announced we’d voted for Brexit. I was in Paris with Wales at the Euros as the £ crashed. My ridiculous £7.50 pint the previous night was now an extortionate £10!
5 years on, as we’re not in EEC, Wales fans are banned from Amsterdam while thousands of Danish are going as they can stay 12 hours as they are in EEC.
No wonder people get disillusioned with politics and politicians.


Harris, another admirer of Hernandez, went on to say, “If only she had campaigned in the UK against the likes of that idiot Farrage, I don’t think we would be in the state we are today!”




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