UEFA Covid Variant Given The Red Card By Expat Bar Owners on Spain's Costa's

British ex-pat bar owners on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are raging over the UEFA variant of Covid.

Bar owners on Spain’s normally vibrant Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are losing millions of euros per day while the Euro Football Championships occur.

As the coasts bars owned by British ex-pats lay dormant on both the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca at a time, they would be thriving during the football tournament have hit out at what is being nicknamed the ‘UEFA variant’.

It’s well known that British football fans flood to British bars in Spain when normally a tournament takes place. However, this year is totally different with all the travel restrictions imposed, leaving bar owners missing out on millions of euro in revenue.

Despite missing out on the fortunes normally made and keeping their heads just above the water due to travel restrictions, bar owners have now flipped their lids as football teams from nations don’t appear to have to self isolate totally when a squad player tests positive for Coronavirus.

Bar owners have nicknamed it the UEFA virus, a variant that seems to have a different rule than all others.

” The regulations are totally different. It appears that a player can test positive for the UEFA variant, but the whole squad doesn’t have to isolate it? – hows that work then?” questioned Scotsman Mark Sutherland of the iconic Luna Bar in Fuengirola.

Another bar owner, Mike Duke in Valencia, believes it’s a travesty that football fans can follow their teams around Europe but on top of that squads of players and backroom staff can travel from country to country, staying in ‘camps’ at top hotels whilst fans can’t travel to Spain to watch a few matches in a bar, he said:

“So Joe Bloggs and a few pals can’t get on a plane to Spain, stay in a hotel and go to the bar to watch the football.

“If you are a football player, though, you can do exactly that, and if you contract Covid, the whole squad doesn’t have to self isolate or quarantine?

“Those squads have around 60 personal in total, they are travelling from country to country, whereas Joe Bloggs would probably travel in a group of 6-10, and sit in a safe, regulated bar and be a risk to no one, it just shows it’s all about the money.

“Those players aren’t even all vaccinated, whilst the fans are probably double jabbed too!” he stormed.

It’s not just bar owners who are incensed either; computer programmer Brian Seavers, who resides in Los Boliches and is witnessing bars collapse daily, hit out saying:

“Did you see the special Covid interlude on the football show tonight?

“Two players in the competition have tested positive and are isolating.

“They have been with teammates in hotels, travelling, training, playing matches against other teams, so what about the contamination and contact with others?

“Don’t worry, they tell us – they weren’t in contact long enough!

“People are falling for this scam”, he raged.

The circumstances certainly don’t add up, football fan Paul Foster, who had planned to go to Spain’s Benidorm with 4 pals, said:

“So let’s get this right, bends the rules for UEFA so they can make billions whilst Benidorms bars go tits up.

” It’s all nonsense, a farce, and a stitch-up! – football fans going to the likes of Benidorm would have been safe as houses,” said the disgruntled Benidorm loving football supporter.





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