Germany mocks UK as they beat us to the sun loungers

Germany has claimed victory over the UK in the age old battle for sun loungers.

Germany mocks UK as they beat us to the sun loungers. On Friday Germans could be seen on the beaches of Mallorca as the UK restrictions saw holiday makers still at home. Bild, one of Germany’s biggest newspapers, taunted by UK by saying “Brits envy our summer holidays.”

Their memory did not fail them either as they remembered the British headlines saying that Brit tourist would have beaches to themselves. This was said when the UK were well ahead of Germany over the winter in the race to roll out vaccinations.

Bild described happily that Germany were “well ahead in the towel war” as they have now reopened travel to European destinations. Last month just 6000 Brits made it to Mallorca whereas 400,000 Germans were there. Germany added France, Greece, and most of mainland Spain to it’s Green list on Friday adding that German tourists do not need to quarantine on return.

The only thing they need on return is a negative PCR test. The German systems allows their holiday makers to end quarantine with a single negative test. In a strange coincidence the UK is about the only country that Germans cannot travel to easily. It is on the Red list due to fears over the Indian variant.

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Helge Braun, urged travellers on Friday not to go to London for any of the Euro 2020 football matches.


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