Inquest told Welsh father and son killed by pet water buffalo

A water buffalo killed a father and son after going on the rampage at the family farm.

Inquest told Welsh father and son killed by pet water buffalo. Ralph Jump, 57, and his son, Peter Jump, 19, were killed after the incident at their farm in Gwehelog, Usk, on the 5th May last year. Peter died after trying to save his father from the attack. On Thursday Gwent Coroner’s Court in Newport were told that the family kept Mediterranean water buffalo on the farm and their milk was used to make soap.

However a four-year-old bull named Yolo had apparently taken a dislike to Peter. Josephine, Ralph’s wife, said that he was purchased in 2016 and for the first two years everything was ok. Then he started to “watch” Peter and she realised Yolo didn’t like her son.

In a statement Josephine said that her daughter, Isobel, who was also injured in the attack, had shouted to her that Dad was being pushed down the field by Yolo. Josephine said she grabbed a stick and rushed outside.

She said “I could see him being rolled down the hill by the bull and I could hear he was groaning. I got between them but it kept trying to get back at him.

He was groaning but looked unconscious.” Peter then arrived to help carrying an iron bar. Mrs Jump continued “All of a sudden, the bull started going for Peter, and got him”. She said her husband was on the ground and she knew he had died. Yolo then started to attack Isobel, dragging her around the field before losing interest and returning to continue it’s attack on Peter. Emergency services rushed to the farm and noticed that Peter had “an obvious hole in his neck”.

Ralph Jump was pronounced dead at the scene while Peter was rushed to hospital via an air ambulance. He underwent an operation at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, but was unable to be properly ventilated as he had blood in his lungs and died later that day. Isobel, who suffered a serious leg injury, was discharged from hospital later that day.

The inquest heard last June that there were no suspicious circumstances to the pair’s death before it was adjourned. It was told that Peter died from his injuries as a result of trying to help his father. The current inquest continues.


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