FACE-MASKS, working from home, travel quarantine and a whole host of other Covid lockdown rules may have to stay after July 19, a leaked document suggested today.

According to a memo, seen by Politico, Britain may have to have some Covid curbs for months to come as the country learns to live with the virus.

The PM had previously said he wanted to tear up as many as possible after June 21.

But earlier this week he confirmed that the so-called Freedom Day will be pushed back to July 19 instead, giving four more weeks to get more jabs into arms and protect the nation.

As a result, several reviews on social distancing, face-masks and other Covid rules have been pushed back into the long grass too.

Decisions on whether some restrictions stay in place after July 19 will come before Britain moves into step four.

According to the leaked documents:

  • Plastic screens – such as those being used in hairdressers, salons and restaurants – may actually HELP spread Covid
  • Ministers are considering bringing in new rules for businesses to keep workplaces better ventilated
  • Face masks may have to continue in some settings long-term
  • Brits and businesses may be told to decide for themselves whether to work from home or go back to the office in future
  • Some form of border controls and isolation may be needed for a significant period to stop new variants from getting into Britain




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