Yeovil Town Fans Use Freedom Of Information Act To Discover Club Loans

Fans of Yeovil Town Football Club have had to use legal action to discover loans taken in by their club.

Supporters of Yeovil Town have used the freedom of information act as they become further concerned about the cash strapped club.

As the current owner, Scott Preistnall appears to have severed communications with supporters. The supporters themselves applied the legal act to discover that the football club owner took a loan for £689.000 from Sports England to survive the previous season.

It’s been over 110 days since the Clubs Chairman held a dialogue with supporters after initially promising transparency as he waded his profile to the media.

Rumours circulating in the football financial world that the club is nearing administration is believed the reasoning for Priestnall ‘going underground.’

Priestnall, who recently has dissolved 4 separate companies at Companies House in Cardiff, took the hump with supporters after they blocked him for 6 months from selling the clubs ground and land to the council, which would have released cash into the nearing bankrupt club.

Now supporters fear the worst as the current club owner appears to be taking loans and cashing in the club to the council, now that the 6 month grace period is over.

Tom Williams, a supporter for over 20 years today, told  Global247news:

“It’s bloody obvious he’s hoodwinked many supporters when he first arrived as they praised him up.

“It now looks like he hasn’t a pot to piss in personally, and he’s trying to bail it all out with loans and sales whilst the supporters start to see through him.

“The true scenario appears to be that a man with no success in business, with 4 dissolved companies to date, hoodwinked all and took control of the club whilst having no disposable funds to invest.

“Although well done to those fans for finding out about the loan – how on earth we will be able to pay it back is another matter!

“Personally, I can see no way forward and think the rumours will become true, and the club will go into administration, and we will take a ten-point hit at the start of the season.

“Something murky is going on, probably why old Scotty is keeping his head down”, he finished.






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