Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

Gunman settles an argument on Spain’s Costa Blanca by firing his gun in a cafe and killing his victim.

A 52-year-old gunman has pulled a gun and shot dead a 32-year-old man he was arguing within the Murcia region of Spain on the Costa Blanca.

Last night (June 13), an argument broke out between the two men in the cafe, which ended when the 52-year-old male pulled out his shooter and starting shooting, blasting three bullets into the chest of his victim.

As blood started to form in a puddle on the cafe’s terrace whilst the victim, lay dying the gunman legged it onto the nearby beach.

Trying to evade the law, he ran whilst police soon chased him after the shooting reports reached the nearby police station.

Eyewitnesses at the cafe were left stunned as tables and chairs flew as the pair argued until the elder of the two reached inside his jacket to pull out his revolver, taking 4 shots in total to slay the other to the floor.

The assailant was soon captured on the beach whilst still possessing his firearm, and Spanish police threatened to shoot, drawing their own weapons.

Back at the cafe, customers administered first aid compressing the victim’s chest until emergency services arrived.

Although sadly, it wasn’t enough as he later died in Murcia hospital with loss of blood and gunshot wounds.

Police have now named the dead man as Jouanes Blal, a 34-year-old local man from Mazarron.

Although police continue to investigate, they do not believe it was a premeditated hit as the two men appear not to have known each other before the argument.






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