Boris will address the nation at 6pm - Travel restrictions likely to Christmas

Boris Johnson will address the nation this evening at 6 pm

UK Prime minister Boris Johnson will address the nation this evening at 6 pm.

According to sources within Whitehall, Johnson will explain the reasoning for extending regulations as the country fears another wave of Coronavirus.

While June the 21st was on the agenda for regulations release and matters returning to normal, with the increase in infections, especially from what’s known as the ‘Indian Variant’, the prime minister feels he has no option to play it cautiously countries safety.

Leaving for London this morning, the Whitehall source said:

“Boris will extend the deadline tonight; the extension will be another 14 days to see the full outcome of the recent infection rises.

“It’s becoming worrying again and needs to be tackled head-on.”

Although the country has seen normality return, with restrictions, the likes of holidaymakers were hoping that all restrictions would be removed, but that’s now unlikely. However, according to the Whitehall source, travel in 2021 is most likely to be restricted until at least Christmas.

He said: ” We have to protect the country first and foremost, and for that reason, travel restrictions are likely to remain in place until at least Christmas.

“It’s not ideal, but safety and health must come first; rates of infections are again rising in the likes of Spain, and they don’t seem to have it under control yet or likely to for a while yet.”

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