Devon's Barnstaple Home Of Horrific Punch Up Leaving Life Threatening Injuries

Barnstaple suffers horrific drunken punch, putting a man in hospital with a fractured skull and likely brain damage if he survives.

A horrific street battle outside pubs in Devon’s Barnstaple took place night, leaving one man with a reported fractured skull and possible brain damage if he survives.

An eyewitness at the scene of the battle said on Social Media:

“it was an absolute horrific fight, one of the worst ones we’ve seen.

“I just hope the lad makes a recovery and isn’t left with too much brain damage.

“It was horrible and even worse for the people that witnessed the crunch of his head.

To be honest, I’m surprised the lad is still alive after that, and he’s probably got some serious brain injuries… It just makes me sad that it’s all caused by a drunken bust-up! ”

The drunken battle took place in the town’s Boutport Street and has been closed off as forensic officers examine the scene.

Officers are also collating and studying CCTV.

A holidaymaker, Maggie Wilson, who is touring Devon in her Motorhome, got caught up in the street battle as she attempted to purchase some fish and chips; she gave her thoughts as she told Global247news:

“I was walking up this street when a massive battle broke out, clearly drunken jobs; I was only looking for a chippy, I had to turn and run, glasses and bottles were flying everywhere.

“It’s my first trip to the town; I wouldn’t advise visiting; it’s a dump full of drunken inbreds”, she stormed.



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