No Indian Summer Holidaymakers For Spain's Costa Blanca Or Costa Del Sol

No Indian summer trade likely for businesses in Spain as the Indian variant of Covid spreading

THE Deputy Public Health Minister of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, has announced that the Indian variant of the coronavirus “could become predominant within the coming weeks” in Spain and has affirmed that there’s already community transmission of this strain, he announced today,

“Eighteen cases of the Delta variant, referred to as the Indian variant, are detected- they’re added to the four cases from last week- so now we’ve 22 cases, with several others pending sequencing, “said Zapatero, who denounced the Spanish Government saying: “There remains no effective control in Barajas (Airport).”

Zapatero has also explained that the Community will bring forward the second dose of AstraZeneca to those over 60 years aged and vulnerable people within 11 weeks of the primary – rather than 12 – thanks to the surge within the variants now being detected.

The news is awful for traders in Spain who rely on tourism for their livelihood, and whilst they missed all of last year and most likely all of this summer as the country remains on the amber list for UK travel.

Traders who have survived what’s now regarded as an economic crisis that’s seen thousands of businesses go bust were praying for an Indian summer to make at least some business. However, that’s now thrown into doubt.

Speaking to Global247news this morning, after listening to the Health Minister, Gwyn Davies, in Valencia remarked:

” That’s the last thing we needed; when you live here and trade in Spain, you know how it pans out.

“Just like last year, the Spanish government will allow the citizens of Madrid to travel down to both the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca for their holidays, bringing the virus with them.

“People won’t say it in the press, but we all know it’s what happens; we saw it last year.

“What will pan out is that Spain will be blocked from tourism once again from other countries like the all-important UK.

” Yes, we will get thousands from Madrid, but truth be told, they don’t spend any money, and in the meantime, the rates of infection will go up, and we all suffer.

“Spain will be closed all year, basically because of this”, he finished.





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