Costa del Sol Fire Finally Out As Horses Reported Safe

Plastics fire finally out on the Costa del Sol as horses reported re stabled and safe

This morning, a fire was reported from a machinery warehouse located within the El Peñón de Alhaurín de la Torre area.

The blaze caused an enormous column of black poisonous smoke that was visible even from Malaga capital due to the plastics that were burning.

The 112 Andalucia health emergency service received several calls this morning from locals alerting them to the blaze.

At 12.30 pm on Friday, June 11, firefighters continued to try to extinguish the fire.

The heat was so intense that it had been necessary to involve the intervention of members from the Royal local department of Malaga.

The first call came at 9:20 am, stating that a fire had broken out in Camino de la Haza, along the A-7, at junction 230.

Although no people were injured, some horses that were in nearby stables had to be evacuated.

As is the standard protocol in these situations, the coordinating centre then alerted the Civil Guard, the Provincial Fire Brigade Consortium, and the Royal local department of Malaga.

Latest reports indicate the fire has finally been extinguished, the stables are being ‘aired’ for the return of the stressed animals- none are known to hurt due to the blaze.


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